First Date Tips for Christian Singles

first date tips for Christian singlesOkay, you’re going on a first date and a little nervous? Chill. The following first date tips for Christians may help your and relax.  I’m sharing these first date tips is to help  you get a second date with the single Christian girl or guy you are about to meet. That is the goal, right?

First Date Tips

Congratulations. You made tot he first date with that guy or girl you were interested in. After the initial joy fear begins to set in, you tend to get a little dating anxiety: Will they like me? What should I wear? What should we do? What do I say? Phew! First date jitters really stink. However,your first date nervousness will be lessend if you simply put some though into concerns.

First Date Tip-What do we do on our first date?

First of all, movies are a horrible first date because you cannot get into any meaningful conversations with your Chrisitian date. Lack of conversation means you are not going to connect as deeply as you could in a quiet, laid back place where you can eye to eye contact. For this reason, we suggest a lunch or coffee date, or a day trip somewhere (a park or zoo and boardwalk, etc) where you can have some decent time  to talk, but also practice good safety dating rules.

First Date Tip-What should I say?

The first date is a great time to get to know the other person. Enjoy it!  Yet, not knowing how to start a conversation or fear of saying the wrong thing  on the first date plagues many Christian singles I know.  Do you fear this as well?  Well, here is fail proof first date tip that is sure to work: Ask questions about them. What are their dreams and vison? Wjat is their passion? How do they like their jobs? What was their fondest childhood memory. I mean people love to talk about themselves, and asking these kind of open ended questions will get the ball rolling in no time. One warning here: when your date reciprocates and starts to ask you about your life, please do NOT bring up your ex. I don’t know why people do this but it is not attractive, and one of the biggest turnoffs I know.

First Date Tip-What should I wear on my first date?

Whether a Christian single guy or girl, the general rule is to wear clothing that make you feel relaxed and positive  about yourself.  After all, if you are not feeling attractive, chances are that bad vibe will spread to your equally nervous date and the rest of the night will be a disaster. That being said, if you are single Christian girl, save sexy for another time other than your first date. Modesty  but attractive is the key here. If you are dude reading this, our take away first date tip for you is that girls generally find cleanliness a good thing. Casual clothing is fine, but make of two things: Your finger nails are cut and clean, and your shows are new. Believe me when I say this. These are two places (in addition to your eyes, arms and chest, etc) they are sure to check out and make instant judgements about the possibility of whether or not they want to go on a second date.

Well, the above first date tip for single Christians was obviously not exhaustive, but I hope it gives you something to think about, and ensures you a second date. Are you a Christian single with your own first date tips? Lay it on us here.

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